Getting A Quote

How do I get a quote? Can I get one over the phone?

The first step to getting a quote is to call or email us to arrange a time for a site visit. To give you an accurate quote, we need to first visit your venue and get a clear understanding of your business. We don't give price quotes over the phone.

Cost Effective Solution
We work with you to identify the most cost-effective linen solution that supports your business objectives and matches your client's expectations. In this way, we are more of a business partner than just another linen supplier.

Quality Service Is In The Details
We want a happy long-term working relationship with you that's why it is important for us to get the details right from day one. Those details might cover things like best delivery times or an assessment of the appropriate cloth standard for your long-term use.

Who Is In Charge?

Is it possible to speak to the person in charge?

Easy. People are quite often surprised to hear that they can speak to the General Manager. His mobile number is on his business card - feel free to use it. Not a problem.


What happens if the linen is damaged?

We spend time educating our clients about how to look after linen. We will only ever invoice our clients for linen which is damaged beyond a reasonable level of fair wear and tear.

What is an example of the damage that would need to be paid for?

If a white linen tablecloth was used to mop up grease on a kitchen floor this would be viewed as damage beyond fair wear and tear. The item would no longer be fit for purpose and a replacement is needed.



What if we have limited on-site storage?

We can work with all sorts of storage options. We are happy to work with you on the details to ensure your linen service is smooth and hassle-free.


What is your policy regarding reject linen?

In the rare event that a piece of linen is rejected, we are happy to replace it without charge. No questions asked.

Other Services

Do we do dry cleaning?

We don't do dry cleaning. However, we are happy to refer to a dry cleaning business we know well. They offer a very high-quality service that is well priced.


Excellence is not an act but a habit.