We have a commitment to the supply of quality linen of exceptional visual appeal.

We are trusted suppliers to Western Australia's finest venues.


Established Family Business

We are a family-owned and controlled business that has been operating since 2011. We rebranded under the name Elite Linen in 2018.

Perth Headquarters

Elite Linen is based in Bentley, in close proximity to Perth's CBD and Burswood entertainment precinct. We are also close to major transport hubs that connect to remote sites across WA.

Quick Response Time

Our business is controlled in Western Australia. You never have to deal with Melbourne or Sydney time zones. We can make changes and react to requests very quickly because the business is owned and run right here.


Customer Focused

Elite Linen supplies high-quality table linen and hotel linen. We are extremely customer orientated and highly focused. For this reason, we are the trusted linen suppliers to many of Perth's most prestigious venues.

Stable Experienced Team

We value our staff and we are fortunate to have a stable loyal team. Elite Linen has over 125 staff based in Perth, and 95% of our casual staff have been with us for more than seven years. Most have several more years of industry experience prior to joining us. This stability offers our clients a continuity of service. Our staff know our clients, their linen and their standards.

Internal Recruitment

We never have to pay for advertising. We let our staff know we are hiring and they find the right person through their own networks.

Commercial Standards

We never pay commissions and we do not accept payments beyond fee for service.


Environment Care

We maintain a commitment to ensuring every aspect of our operation is as energy efficient as possible. We invest in innovative equipment to ensure our operation is constantly transitioning to more environmentally sustainable practices.

Chemical Use Controlled

We use a company called Ecolab, who is the world's biggest manufacturers of laundry chemicals. They have a system where all the chemicals are controlled by dosage pumps which are computer controlled.


To protect the environment, all of our tanks are double-walled. Our tanks sit inside another tank. Should that tank split, it can't spill anywhere because it goes into another tank. We also have bunting around the outside of our chemical area to ensure the laundry chemicals are contained.

Water Recycling

We have invested in a water recycling unit which reduces our water consumption by 50%. It also reduces the amount of lint and solids which will go down the drain.

Gas Drying

We use gas-powered dryers. Our new dryers have reduced our gas consumption by 25%.

Energy Efficiency

We use a heat exchanger. The hot water that is pumped out of the machines, ready to go to drain, goes through a heat exchanger. We use that wastewater to heat the clean water which goes back into the machine.


Excellence is not an act but a habit.